Apr 19th '17

Peter Sutherland
The Nomadic Lens

From the Magazine

Peter Sutherland’s flash-happy photographs capture fleeting moments of abandon. This collection of images exhibits his witty, unusual and off-the-cuff style.

Italian photographer Alessandro Simonetti started taking concert photographs as a way to get into shows for free. After shooting a wide range of performances over the past two decades, he shares his stash with us.

Traversing the globe with his camera. Ribeiro turns an affinity for surfing and Hawaii’s late noon light into dreamy art. Highlights from his time in Hawaii were collated for his project, a photographic exploration of both medium and landscape.

Located in Mohnton, PA and known for their knitting mills that are over a 100 years old, Robert P. Miller is an original Made in the USA product.

At the end of last winter, we traveled all the way to Niseko to visit our friend Rip Zinger. We spent the next couple days exploring this beautiful part of the world. Hiking, snowboarding, eating, drinking and making new friends along the way.

For this season’s editorial we partnered with photographer Clement Pascal. New for Fall 16, we’ve introduced a lot of new fabrications and styles. Including Cone Mills denim, polar fleece, cashmere blends, collarless shirting and PrimaLoft® down.

Having traveled the world as a commercial photographer, Adrian Gaut has developed a unique eye for photographing architecture that is inspired by his early interest in German conceptual photography. His series from Wilshire Boulevard explores and documents the wide array of buildings that sprawl across the streets of Los Angeles.

Bruce Weber was one of the first photographers to put surfers in clothing for dry land. In so doing, over 30 years he bridged the gap between fashion and surfing, introduced the world to a new breed of rockstar and became a bona fide icon for the surf community.

Bjorn Iooss has shaped his career with his striking portraits. Here, he shares his visual diary — a collection of some of the images from his travels and his past. Collectively, they give us a glimpse into his personality creative process.

Having traveled to the edge of the world and back in the 2010 films 180 Degrees South, Jeff Johnson is no stranger to extreme conditions. With a body of work that traverses a wide range of altitudes and climates, he manages to maintain an off-the-cuff, documentary feel that adds to the excitement of his locations.

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